Nayan Kulkarni

Through video, sound, performance and light installation my practice engages with the experiences of the urban contemporary as dynamic luminal images. I am particularly engaged with the nocturnal city: its governaces, affordances and manipulations. Underpinning this is an ongoing theoretical and technical research project that examines the force of the cinematic mode of production upon urban imagination and its representations; its effects and affects. This research provides the materials for the speculative imaginal futures that play out in much of my new work.

The perceptual, intellectual, ethical and technological dimensions of light as medium and idea are fundamental elements in the work. I deploy an extensive vocabulary of light, sound and image that has grown out of an ongoing studio and installation based enquiry into perception and language.

Currently I am a PhD Candidate at the Royal College of Art and creating 'The Golden Hour' a major permamant lighting intervention for the City of Hull.






selected exhibitions

Three Graces, Illuminate York 2015

Phase Shift#1, Nayan Kulkarni and Steven Scott, hArts Lane Studio, London, 2015

Pre(c)lude, sound and video installation with Cradeaux Alexander, Studio RCA, London, 2015

Fracture and Great Dark Lake, light and performance, Brierfield Mill, Pendle, 2014

Installation with Mhairi Vari, Domo Baal Gallery, London, 2014

Are You Ok?, Hanmi Gallery, London, group show, 2014

Return, Cheriton, Kent, 2014

Recorded Delivery, Screening, Curzon Soho, 2012

Double Bind, Blyth Gallery, London, group show, 2011

The Impossibility of Flight, Waterfront Gallery, Ipswich, solo show, 2010

Gratuitous Little Weight, Standpoint Gallery, London, group show, 2007

Episode, Temporary Contemporary, London, Leeds and Miami, group show, 2005

Kulkarni and Macmullan, N.C.A. Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan, two person show, 2002

Predator, KX auf Kampnagel, Hamburg, group show, 2001 

Without Touch, BIAD, Birmingham, initiated and curated this group show, 2001

Vasl, Amin Gulgee Gallery, Karachi, group show, 2001

Emplacement, New Holland, St. Petersburg, group show, 2000

you gotta 'ave, BIAD, Birmingham, solo show, 2000